Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EOC: Week 10: What are the benefits vs the features?

A major benefit for my project is having that feeling of helping someone out. Donating any amount of food to help a family in need. Not everybody has the luxury of having a full stomach and by helping a family in need you will feel good about yourself. “The truth is that hunger in United States is a huge problem.  In a country known for its wealth and prosperity, 50 million Americans struggle to find their next meal.” ( Times are definitely tough, now a day it’s hard for some families to be able to provide a good meal. “The face of hunger has changed.  No longer is it just the homeless man on the street reaching out for a helping hand, but millions of everyday people struggling to feed their families.  No one is a stranger to the economic hardships of today.” ( So this is a big problem my food drive will try to tackle. The growing number of hard working families that are trying their best but cannot fully provide a meal some nights.  A benefit would be being able to help somebody who would otherwise be too embarrassed to ask for it. We all need help sometime and being able to help somebody who is less fortunate than you or may just be struggling with money and be forced to make a decision between paying a bill or buying groceries will make you feel great about yourself. “The face of hunger has changed.  As the economy continues to put a strain on our wallets, people are being forced to make extremely difficult decisions” ( The ultimate benefit from this project is just having that satisfaction of knowing your helping one of the many struggling people out there to have at least one  good meal for the day.

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