Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 8 EOC: Creative Content

To help promote the food drive I want to have an ad on the radio. The basics of it are just to put the word out on the food drive to get people to come donate food. It would say things along the lines of the location of where the food drive will be held, what kind of items they may bring or are wanted, and from what times the food drive would be open. Another thing I would like to do is to have an announcement on the local news to again help promote the food drive and get more people to come. It would have the same basic concept as the radio ad just announcing the date, time and location of the food drive. While at the food drive I would like to record the people donating or take pictures and at the end of it all make a big thank you collage for all of their contributions and on this collage have pictures of them as well as of the different food baskets that we were able to put together for some of the families around the valley. Have an idea of hanging the collage at the mall the food drive was held that way whenever they come back to shop they can see pictures of what their donations helped to put together for someone else.

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